Responsive Web Design

Jan 9, 2021

Mobile-friendly web design.  Responsive design means your website will reformat and adapt to to whatever device screen it’s being viewed on; mobile, tablet or desktop.
Responsive design offers a better user experience and as more and more
people are turning to mobile devices and tablets to access websites,
you’ll want your site to render properly or risk losing viewers.

Bayside Web Design ONLY does responsive design on our WordPress sites.
We feel setting up websites in responsive design is in the best
interest for the client. We don’t want our clients to spend good money
on a site only to have it outdated before it’s launched. It doesn’t make
sense, and we are ever so sensible developers.

This website, Bayside Web Design, is fully responsive. Check it out on a tablet and smart phone and you’ll see how the layout adjusts for each device.

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