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Careful planning can save you time and money

Pre-planning a website is perhaps the most important, and most overlooked part of the website process.

Our Design Process

During our Design Process, we take extra time to understand your brand, your aesthetic preferences, your target demographic and even your competition. And we’ll make revisions to our original design, based on your feedback, to ensure that the final design is exactly what you were looking for. We’ll translate your brand personality into a professional, modern, easy to navigate, conversion-focused custom website design that is structured to engage site visitors and elicit action – call, email, purchase.

Questions to jump start the process

    Bayside Web Design was incredibly helpful and instructive from the initial meeting and throughout every phase of the project.

    The construction of my site was challenging to present the information clearly and concisely. Karen was able to facilitate this flawlessly. She has a calm, focused nature that peels away all the extraneous and sees exactly what is needed.

    She goes the extra mile to really learn the service/product that you are providing so she is able to emphasize and communicate those major points that only someone who was familiar with the service would know how to do.

    Karen and her team’s keen sense of color and artistry create websites that are beautiful, yet clean and effective.

    Pamela Thomson, Director

    MindSet Brainwave Optimization, www.bellinghammindset.com