Dr. James A. Moren’s approach to treatment is as follows:


Listening to the patient is critical for the correct diagnosis and treatment plan. Dr. Moren’s initial appointment is for one hour minimum.  He takes the time to gather a detailed history of each person’s headache story.  Usually there are no tests which indicate or specify the type of headache. Taking a thorough history is necessary for accurate headache diagnoses, which leads to a viable option for treatment.


Non-verbal cues, such as appearance, facial expression and posture are also invaluable signs for accurate diagnosis and assessment.  For this reason, Dr. Moren does not offer video or virtual evaluations, only in-person appointments.  Dr. Moren may perform a limited, but focused physical exam.  He treats the patient, and not just a disease.


After listening and observing, Dr. Moren determines the headache diagnosis.  This is where his 40 years of primary care experience, and 20 years of headache management converge.  Dr. Moren’s impression or assessment is shared with the patient and together they formuate a plan.


The plan is a set of recommendations for further testing, if indicated, or the crafting of a guide to treatment.  Treatment may include counseling, lifestyle recommendations, herbs or vitamins, and or medication.  If procedures are indicated, these will be used.  The plan is used for both prevention and treatment of headaches.

A follow up appointment is necessary to discover whether the plan is effectively reducing pain, suffering and disability.  Dr. Moren is committed to improving the quality of life for the patient.

This doctor, patient, and therapeutic relationship is built upon experience and judgment to meet the patient’s needs and goals.


Dr. Moren is committed to improving the quality of your life.

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